Wireless Qualification and Testing

Wireless designs are Unique

In every wireless design, the radio, antenna, and enclosure come together to form a unique design. Because end users demand the best range and reliability out of every product, products that can't perform can't compete.

Wireless Product Design
Wireless Antenna and Circuit Design

Designing Range and Reliability

To get unmatched performance and reliability, we start by reviewing the design, components, placements, antenna and Radio. RF is both an art and a science that requires careful considerations and a keen understanding of the impact of the design on the performance. We help you engineer amazing wireless.

Tuning and Perfecting Wireless

Simulations, experience and design can only take your design so far. Testing and tuning a wireless is the only way to ensure your system performs as designed, and Argenox takes you through it all

Measuring and Tuning Wireless Radio Circuit

Test and Debug Expertise

  • RF and Microwave in-house Lab
  • Bluetooth RF Pre-Qualification Testing - Testing and validation of Bluetooth radios
  • RF Design Evaluation and Testing
  • Antenna Measurements, Tuning, and Optimization - Improve range, connection
  • Pre-Compliance Testing for FCC, IC, CE Lab