BlueNox™ BLE Library

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Build an Amazing BLE experience

BlueNox helps you get your BLE right. Integrating BlueNox in your mobile Android or iOS application helps you build a reliable application faster.

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Easy Integration

Adding BlueNox to your app is easy. Designed for easy integration with views and activities so you don't have to re-engineer the wheel.

Android Workarounds

Android is one of the toughest platforms to support. We've added workarounds and expertise to help you communicate without having to deal with the details


BlueNox has been used by a wide range of apps from Consumer Products to Medical Devices


BlueNox enables fast data transfer of data for firmware updates, data update and exchange.

Pairing Engine

Simplify the user experience by leveraging BlueNox pairing engine capabilities.

Updates and Features

Continuous updates of BlueNox ensures you take advantage of the latest features of Bluetooth.