Texas Instruments MSP430

Starting with the MSP430
Covers both basic and advanced aspects of using the MSP430

MSP430 Tutorial
Covers the basics of starting with the MSP430 and using several of its peripherals

Making Code Composer Studio Projects Portable
See how to make your CCS projects portable, allowing your team to share code easily.

Wireless Radios and Transceivers

Understanding and Selecting Sub-1GHz Radio Transceivers
Advantages of Sub-1GHz transceivers as well as information to select them

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy Library
Tutorials and White Papers on Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) regarding the Specification and Integrating it to products


Challenges with Wi-Fi Provisioning for Embedded Systems
Headless Systems without input and output make establishing a connection between the system and the router more challenging. This article discusses the problem and some of the solutions.