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Embedded Design

Consultants for Embedded Systems, Firmware, and Software

From complete hardware design to software development, testing, and integration that makes your application perform at its best. Argenox helps you every step of the way.

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Bluetooth + BLE

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Integrate Bluetooth and BLE into your product with modules, software and apps that deliver the experience your users are looking.

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802.11 Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and 802.11 Solutions

Whether you need Wi-Fi for connecting your product to the Internet of Things or easy and fast data transfer, we help you build your product.

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Wireless Radios

Low Power Radio Transceivers

Wireless Transceivers in the 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz bands that work for Smart Metering, Automation, and Sensors. Software protocols and stacks that make them work the way you need.

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App Development

App development for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Complete Application development for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Our apps have a smooth User Experience that amazes your users and makes them come back for more. Integrating with Bluetooth, BLE and W-Fi.

Our Tools

Development tool products

See how we're helping developers make improve their development with better and smarter tools.

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Technical Resources

Creating great products means going all the way to understand to put together technologies. Learn from our experience with our technical resources.

MSP430 Microcontroller technical documents
Starting with the MSP430 Tutorial
This tutorial covers many of the aspects of using the MSP430 with a hands on tutorial that includes code, tips and tricks to make your MSP430 development better. Read...
Selecting Bluetooth for your product
Selecting Bluetooth for your Application
Integrating Bluetooth can be difficult given all the options and tradeoffs in the design. This application note covers many of the aspects of selecting the right chipset. Read...
Understanding Wi-Fi provision
Provisioning Wi-Fi in Embedded Systems
Connecting Wi-Fi enabled systems can be a complex topic. Simplifying it is critical to ensure customer adoption. Understand the issue and see some of the solutions available. Read...
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