Connected devices and Machine to Machine communications are the future of the internet of things. With Argenox Wi-Fi solutions, smart appliances and products can be controlled from anywhere at anytime. The intelligent home is now a reality.

In just a few years, Wi-Fi solutions for small devices have transformed products, enabling connectivity like never before. This connectivity brings integration challenges such as power consumption, protocol and application design, RF design, and backend integration. We’re working with some of the largest Wi-Fi chipset vendors, OEMs and developers to create amazing Wi-Fi enabled products to unleash the world of the future.

House Controlled by Wi-Fi

Some of the Wi-Fi Vendors we work with are:

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Tree for Internet of Things show multiple devices being controlled


We take the guess work out of integrating Wi-Fi in your product for IoT, Consumer, and Industrial Products

Simplicity from the Box to the User

Our connectivity solutions are unique in that we focus on simplifying and unleashing the user experience. Connectivity isn’t just connectivity, it’s what the user depends on every day. Argenox takes care of the ensuring the best experience from the moment the user opens the box onward.

Cloud Connectivity

Adding Wi-Fi isn’t just about the device. The backend plays a critical role in enabling product access and operation. Our solutions integrate with 2Lemetry and other vendors, or it can be custom tailored to your application.

Wi-Fi Certification

With Wi-Fi  come certifications. We work with you to understand the requirements of FCC, IC, Wi-Fi and other certifications so you can choose the right path.

Wi-Fi Power Consumption

Getting Low Power Wi-Fi right takes careful design optimization and a lot of experience. Our Wi-Fi experience help your devices run longer. We understand what actually impacts power and what doesn’t, and use proprietary algorithms and approaches that enable our clients’ products to operate past the rest.


Your product may not need security, or its life may depend on it. We work with you to get the right security done right.

RF Complete

RF Engineering is complex and can mean the difference between a product with long range and reliability or a product customers return. Argenox gets RF done right.

Cost Reduction

We help you reduce costs by understanding your system and leveraging the devices fully . We’re not just a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi development house, we know product engineering.


Integrating connectivity means getting it right all the way to the finished product. Our experience and close work with vendors allows us to anticipate issues and deal with them early, when it’s easier and cheaper.
Our testing gives you peace of mind.

Mobile Application

Your customer sees the application as the control panel for your product, and it needs to be fast, smooth and beautiful. But it also needs to be upgradable and reliable.

IoE / IoT Connectivity Solutions

From the Device to the Cloud and the Customer, we’re at the heart of the fabric of the Internet of Things revolution. By empowering everyday devices to communicate with the cloud and other devices, we’re transforming the way we live. Smart Homes, Smart Appliances and Wearable devices are only the beginning.

The Internet of Everything is bringing new opportunities to realize a connected world. Consumer, Automotive and Industrial devices are being revolutionized by connectivity that enables them to make intelligent decisions. Achieving this simplicity requires connectivity and intelligence, as well as our expertise from hardware to software to backend connectivity.

We’re helping companies make the leap into the connected world with solutions and connectivity to bring their products to life.

IoT Infographic statistic showing over 25 billion devices by 2020