We help customers get their MSP430 hardware and software designs done right.

As a member of TI’s Design Network for MSP430, we’ve helped many companies develop MSP430 based products by building MSP430 hardware and firmware. We’ve also helped clients improve their existing products, resolve issues and implement new features.

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Member of TI’s Design Network for MSP430

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We’ve worked with multiple customers developing a wide range of MSP430 based products from Medical Devices, Industrial Controllers and Wireless Sensors.

Production and Security

We help clients get together the complete process to program, serialize and secure their devices against intrusion, as well as developing in-system testing hardware and software

Full Peripherals

We know the MSP430 inside and out and help clients take advantage of them with low power drivers for UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, 1-Wire, Timers, DMA, Flash, ADC and others.

MSP430 Low Power in our DNA

The MSP430 is the workhorse of low power devices. To take advantage of it requires a combination of hardware and software that leverages the Low Power modes intelligently. We’ve worked on dozens of MSP430 based products that live or die by their low power, so we know how to help you build low power products.


Many of the products we help develop take advantage of Wireless Radios such as the CC110x or others. USB is also supported in some MSP430 families.


Our expertise extends to the lowest levels, enabling us to debug and resolve issues that depend on understanding CPU instructions, assembly, peripherals and their interactions

Complete Design from Ground Up

From the pins, to the clocks, peripheral selection and allocation, we help you understand the design and make the right decision to lower costs and ease software design considerations.

Firmware Testing

All our software is delivered after going through several stages of testing including static analysis, usability testing, replicating real scenarios. We plan and test the product as it would be used. Our comprehensive hardware testing helps uncover issues before they reach manufacturing.


  • TI Code Composer Studio
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Rowley Crossworks


We work with both Bare-Metal designs as well as those using an RTOS for maximum flexibility:


At Argenox we don’t just develop, we work to improve the state of the art and the understanding of embedded systems and microcontrollers. Below are a few of the resources we have made available.