Argenox develops Embedded hardware and software for Microcontrollers and DSP, getting your product to market faster and better

Embedded Microcontroller and DSP development can be complex, requiring experience and expertise in hardware and software to produce a cost-effective and reliable solutions. Our expertise in Embedded development gets you to market faster. We provide our customers the advice and information they need to make the right decisions that lower costs and reduce future issues.

Microcontroller Development
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Microcontrollers and DSPs are great, but they’re only a means to an end. Your goal is to create great products that deliver, and this can mean different architectures and devices. Our experience with multiple vendors helps us get you the right system together that will get you to your goal. Some of the product families we’ve worked with in the past include:

  • ST Microelectronics – STM32L1, STM32F1, STM32F2, STM32F3, and STM32F4
  • Texas Instruments – Stellaris and TIVA families
  • Freescale – Kinetis E, K, L and W
  • NXP – LPC1700, LPC1800, LPC4000, and LPC4300 devices
  • TI MSP430
  • Microchip PIC
  • Atmel AVR
  • Freescale Coldfire
  • Altera NIOS II and Xilinx Microblaze
  • TI DSPs including C6000 and others

The number of devices we’ve used and the projects we’ve developed for customers gives us the experience we need to create your system as best-in-class.

Embedded Software Layers
Red Hardware Circuit Board with Components assembled


Extensive experience bringing up, developing and taking to production everything you need to make a complete product:

Digital Interfaces

UART, RS232, SPI, I2C, CAN Bus, RS485, PWM, and 1-Wire are just a few of the interfaces we use and develop it, depending on the requirements of the product. We get them done right so they’re working reliably in a product.

USB Device, Host and OTG

Argenox helps developers make the most out of their USB to enable all kinds of options. Whether it’s HID, Mass Storage Devices, CDC or other classes, we can help you get it right. We’ve also helped companies debug vendor-supplied USB stacks to ensure reliable operation.

TCP/IP IPv4, IPv6 and Protocols

Wether your product needs wireless or wired connectivity, TCP/IP is part of the package. We have extensive experience using and optimizing TCP/IP stacks from low end devices to high end products for throughput, latency and other issues. On top of TCP and UDP we build applications using HTTP, FTP, SSL TELNET and other protocols


Microcontroller Performance

Performance can be everything

Even in the simplest products, getting performance right is critical. A high performance design and implementation can mean the different between a design that runs for years, or one that experiences imminent or latent failures.

Our clients often call us when their system is failing without any explanation under normal conditions, when it can’t keep up with the number of sensors, interfaces and tasks it needs to perform.


When a product needs to run an RTOS, we’re right there to architect everything from the low level drivers to the tasks. We do it right so everything runs like clockwork.