Design is only part of the equation. Manufacturing and Assembly are critical to ensure your product is out at the right time, price and quality.

Argenox doesn’t just design products. We help you build them. Turnkey delivery of prototypes as well as assistance in getting certification and manufacturing are all part of the package. Our goal is to make sure that your products performs in the field every bit as designed.

We offer:

  • Production-ready Turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing
  • Component Procurement and Assembly
  • Design for Manufacturing Analysis
  • Test Jig Design
  • Testing Automation and Software Development
PCB Board Manufacturing and Assembly


We manufacture high-quality PCBs at lower cost than other competing companies

  • Standard and Custom stackups from 2 Layers to 20 Layers
  • Impedance Control for High Speed and RF
  • 5mil Spacing / 5mil Width – Tighter tolerances upon request
  • Board Panelization


We work with vendors and our manufacturing partners to fully assemble your boards for prototype or production


Calibration, Programming and Provisioning of units using custom back-end software and interfaces to automate product lifecycle management

SMD and Through Hole Assembly

Whether you need Surface Mount, Through Hole or both, our assembly can take care of getting all the parts right

Electromechanical Assembly

Components are not just soldered, they may require custom assembly of electromechanical and plastic parts on to the system. Our assembly services are complete and can produce a completely assembled product.

Testing and Inspection for Quality Control

We offer Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and other quality measures to ensure that the manufacturing process ensures working product. This reduces issues and results in high yields.