AllJoyn® Stack for CC3x00 Wi-Fi

Argenox’s AllJoyn Stack for CC3x00 family of Wi-Fi chipsets enables your product to connect with other AllJoyn enabled devices. By facilitating discovery and communications, you can focus on creating amazing products while being certain that your product will communicate seamlessly.


  • Fully compatible AllJoyn stack based on AllJoyn 15.09
  • Support for Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi SoCs:
    • CC3100
    • CC3200
  • Uses the latest mDNS and implementation features, with backwards compatibility
  • Supported AllJoyn Services:
    • Configuration
    • Notification
    • ControlPanel
    • Onboarding (coming soon)
  • Integrates with TI’s CC3100 and CC3200 SDKs for easy integration
  • Compiler Support: Code Composer Studio, IAR (coming soon)
  • FreeRTOS and TI-RTOS (coming soon) support
  • Security

AllJoyn CC3x00 Demo

Full demo showing the ACServer example along with the full features of the Argenox AllJoyn stack enabling a user to easily connect to a CC3200 launchpad, control it and receive event notification.

Interested in trying the demo? Contact us and try the demo yourself:




AllJoyn for Connected Products

AllJoyn is a framework originally developed by Qualcomm and released as an open source project. Its goal is to ensure interoperability of connected products and applications across manufacturers, so that devices can find each other and communicate. These features allow consumers to easily connect their products to the network and take full advantage of all their features, as well as opening the door to new application where smart devices collaborate together.

The AllSeen Alliance which promulgates the framework includes over 185 member companies such as Microsoft, LG, Electrolux, Qualcomm, Sony, CIsco and others.

For more information visit the AllSeen Alliance ➤

Unleash IoT is a trademark of Argenox Technologies. AllJoyn, AllSeen Alliance and their associated logos are registered trademarks of the AllSeen Alliance. SimpleLink is a trademark of Texas Instruments. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.