Argenox designs production ready hardware that can be prototyped, tested, and made. We deal with the design so that you can focus on imagining amazing products.

Modern Hardware requires expertise in System Design and Architecture, Embedded Systems, Power Supply, RF, Digital, Analog and a variety of other areas. Getting hardware right also means manufacturing-ready designs that can pass regulatory certifications  and meet cost and performance requirements.

We work with some of the largest OEMs, vendors and developers to get their hardware done right. With a System level expertise and extensive experience, we design what others can’t.

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Red Hardware Circuit Board with Components assembled


We start with an understanding of what you need and want, and finish with a complete design and prototype. Our experience in hardware enables us to design the whole system:

From Low Cost to High Performance

We’ve built cost-sensitive products where every penny counts, and we’ve also designed multi-layer complex boards with Impedance Control, HDMI, USB and fast memory interfaces. Whatever the design, we can do it.

Component Selection

As an integral part of system design, we work carefully with you and vendors to select parts that are low cost and fit the requirements.

Manufacturing Coordination

We work closely with manufacturing partners to manufacture the PCB and assemble it to specification, reduce cost and improve reliability

Manufacturing Deliverables

We generate Gerbers, ODB++ and other commonly used formats for a complete package that can be used by any PCB vendor.

Schematic and PCB Layout

We design from the ground up including System Architecture, Schematic Capture, Component Creation, and PCB Layout for RF and High Speed


Amazing Hardware with beautiful Mechanical Design makes for a superb product

3D Mechanical Design Example Part

From a simple concept, we put together design meet your needs and can be manufactured at low cost. We also help customers get their designs manufactured

Part Sourcing

We know manufacturers and molders that can help build your complete system, from plastic to screws

Manufacturing Expertise

Designing plastic molding that can be reliably manufactured takes knowledge and experience. Our engineers have worked on the design of mass-produced and world-renowned products

Prototype to Manufacturing

From a 3D Printed Prototype to Manufacturable molded parts, we take care of it all

Software C Code for Microcontroller


From the basic drivers that run sensors, communications and peripherals, to stacks and applications, we help you bring your product to life with the right software and firmware

Testing, Testing and Testing

All our development goes through rigorous testing using real devices to ensure the apps excel in the real world

Low Power in our DNA

Many of the products we build depend on low power. As experts, we know how to create code that maximizes battery lifetime.

Passionate Coding

We’re passionate at understanding and explaining code, and we don’t let unknown code into our development. We want to make sure everything works the way you need for an amazing product. Some may say we’re obsessed, but we live and breathe code.

Development Best Practices

Our developers follow best practices and use the latest tools at our disposal. Our software goes through Static Analysis and other that improve reliability and reduce bugs. Revision Control, Documentation, automatic builds are just part of the package that enables us to deliver best-in-class software.

Low Level Drivers

Every amazing product depends on low level drivers that run everything from sensors to peripherals. Our experience in creating drivers that are fast and asynchronous mean that the system has more time to perform other tasks.

Architecture Design

Software coding is only a result. We work to architect your code to improve performance, reduce cost and work reliably. No house can be build on a shaky foundation, and no software should be written until it is designed.


We build products everyday.

  • Consumer Products
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Industrial Controls
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Toys
  • White Goods
  • IoT Connected Devices
Hardware Application Design Mobile Accessory