Our clients are at the forefront of their industries. Businesses large and small developing new products and devices that make our world better and easier. Argenox helps them make their products a reality by providing our experience and dedication, A few of the clients we have served in the past are shown below.

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Bluetooth Open Source Hardware

Open Source BLE Product Developer

Bluetooth Low Energy Hardware and Software

Argenox helped customer design a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled board. We worked closely with the customer to design the product to specifications, as well as working closely with the BLE device manufacturer to perform testing in preparation for Regulatory Certifications (FCC, etc).

MSP430 Based Product Developer

MSP430 Software

Argenox was approached to develop software for a new MSP430 board including system diagnostics and testing, as well as communications. Argenox delivered the software on time and on budget including documentation and tools necessary to use the software.

Semiconductor Wafer

Top Semiconductor Manufacturer

Software Hardware and Networking for Wi-Fi

Client was developing a WiFi enabled board with an MSP430 as the main processor. Due to cost and other considerations, an MSP430 with small memory was selected. The customer then had issues with extremely tight memory footprint and running the application required for controlling the system. Argenox was contacted due to our expertise with the MSP430. Argenox worked closely with the manufacturer to successfully resolve all the issues with running the TCP/IP stack under the memory limitations and also implemented a custom Web Server.

Semiconductor Wafer

Top Semiconductor Manufacturer

Software Hardware for ASIC Testing

Client originally contracted a larger and much more expensive company to design and develop their test system. Unfortunately, the project did not progress. The company finally contacted to use Argenox Engineers. Working closely with the company’s team, Argenox engineers helped resolve issues with the Circuit board and developed the system software. Client is now using the system to test millions of devices for their own customers.