Your application is what your customer feels, sees and experiences. You can’t afford to let it be anything less than perfect.

As users of Smartphones, we know the value of a quality app goes beyond the experience of its users. An app can make or break a product, regardless of any other hardware or software factors.

As Bluetooth and WiFi integrators, we work every day to make products and applications seamless and simple for the users. We keep at the forefront of the latest developments in iOS and Android to ensure you’re taking advantage of everything out there.

  • iOS Application Development for iPhone and iPad
  • Android Application Development
  • Integration of Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi and other technologies
  • Web-based backend integration

Our developers have worked with some of the best known brands in the world to develop high-end applications

Android Robot Logo Application Development
Apple iOS Logo Application Development


Testing, Testing and Testing

All our development goes through rigorous testing using real devices to ensure the apps excel in the real world

Backend Support

GUIs are great, but getting useful control and connectivity means backend development. Whatever the protocol, we get the app connected to your server.

Multi-Device Support

Our applications are designed to support both smartphones in tablets with varying resolutions so the interface is clean and beautiful

Wireless Integration

A beautiful app isn’t enough. We leverage Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi to connect and control your product.

Beautiful and Responsive GUI

Our Graphic Designers and UI experts work to design a GUI that is functional, fast and customers love to use. We work for pixel perfect designs.