Integrate Bluetooth and Bluetooth v4.0 BLE into your product, from RF to Manufacturing

Bluetooth and BLE make your product controllable at the touch of a button. Argenox makes adding BLE and Bluetooth to your product easy and cost-effective.

We work with you and manufacturing to integrate BLE from start to finish, leveraging hardware, software and mobile apps to create an amazing experience customers loves.

Smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controlling a door lock, Appliances, and Lights
BLE Enabled Wearable Products


Getting Bluetooth to work right takes knowledge and experience. We take the guess work out of doing it right

Mobile Application

Your customer sees the application as the control panel for your product, and it needs to be fast, smooth and beautiful. But it also needs to be upgradable and reliable.

Power Consumption

BLE was designed for low power, but getting years off of batteries means optimization. We understand what actually impacts power and what doesn’t, and use proprietary algorithms and approaches that enable our customer’s products to operate past the rest.

Regulatory Certification

With Bluetooth and BLE come certifications. We work with you to understand the requirements of FCC, IC, Bluetooth SIG and other certifications so you can choose the right path


Integrating connectivity means getting it right all the way to the finished product. Our experience and close work with vendors allows us to anticipate issues and deal with them early, when it’s easier and cheaper.
Our testing gives you peace of mind.

Product Integration

Bluetooth is just a part of your product. Adding it to an already existing device means not just understanding Bluetooth, but also how it interacts with the rest of your system and what synergy can be achieved. We have worked with multiple customers to integrate BLE to their existing product lines.

Cost Reduction

We help you reduce costs by understanding your system and leveraging the devices fully . We’re not just a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi development house, we know product engineering.

Long Term Development

Adding connectivity isn’t just about the short term, It’s about creating the right ecosystem to make your product lines successful for years to come.

RF Complete

RF Engineering is complex and can mean the difference between a product with long range and reliability or a product customers return. Argenox gets RF done right.


Your product may not need security, or its life may depend on it. We work with you to get the right security done right.

Bluetooth Expertise

We live and build Bluetooth

Bluetooth/BLE Technical Library

Read more about Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy to see how you can add it to your product

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See demos of Blueoototh Low Energy in action and how it can make your products amazing

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