Who we are
Argenox Technologies is a Dallas area company with global reach founded to provide cutting edge embedded systems hardware and software expertise to customers worldwide. Our engineering team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, having worked at some of the largest and most diverse technology companies in the U.S. Realizing that a small team of experts could solve customer problems faster and better, they decided to join together to form Argenox Technologies.

At the Forefront of Product Development

In today’s fast moving world, it’s critical to stay ahead. Our mission is to push the limits of the product we design, to make applications previously thought impossible a reality. Every day, we work to improve on the state of the art and on our skills, so our customers can leverage the latest devices and software. We continue to employ tried and true techniques that have been proven to make design better. We believe that providing our customers with fast and dependable solutions to their problems makes the world better. Our customers get to the market faster, with better products.

Our Values
  • Work to help our customers build the best system, save money and get to market faster
  • A passion and commitment to excellence, innovation, and constant improvement to deliver the best technology to our customers.
  • Independent thinking and judgment even when it’s inconvenient.
  • Honest, courteous and fair dealings with all of our customers and suppliers.

Gustavo Litovsky

Founder & CEO

Gustavo is the Founder and CEO of Argenox Technologies. As an expert on Connectivity and Embedded Systems, Gustavo has helped customers unleash the potential of their system by solving hardware and software challenges. Prior to founding Argenox Technologies, Gustavo held positions at Interphase Corporation and Texas Instruments Inc, as well as other companies. In these positions, he specialized in using Engineering techniques to improve customer user experience by integrating connctivity solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Arie Litovsky

Principal Engineer

Arie is a Principal Engineer at Argenox Technologies. He brings years of experience developing iOS Mobile and Web Applications for some of the most recognizable brands and companies in the United States. Prior to his work with Argenox Technologies, Arie held positions at One Network Enterprises and Bottle Rocket in both development and management positions. He also founded his own startup focused on mobile applications for the educational market.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.